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Pikes Peak United Way



Pikes Peak United Way believes that every person in our community deserves the opportunity to lead a good quality of life. We are fundraisers, problem solvers and community supporters because this is what it takes to move an individual, a family and a community forward. We've seen incredible things happen when a community comes together, and we can't do it without you.  Gifts will be used for the area of greatest need.

Child Care Contribution Credit, a 50% State Tax Credit


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Donations made to the Child Care Fund support our early childhood through middle school initiatives, including Success by 6 partner investments, Dolly Parton Imagination Library, and Colorado Springs Promise before and after school programs.  Minimum donation of $250 qualifies for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit, a 50% state tax credit. 

Family Success Center



The mission of the Pikes Peak United Way Family Success Center is to serve the entire family and empower community members to become financially stable, grow, and accomplish their goals. The Family Success Center is a place where community partners join together in one convenient location to remove barriers, such as transportation and childcare. Pikes Peak United Way is excited to bring the community together to learn what will make the center effective and life-changing. We envision a place where families and students can achieve their goals by connecting with the resources, training, and support.

211- Connecting Those In Need with Those Who Can Help



Staffed by community resource experts, 2-1-1 is a free, confidential, and bilingual phone line that compassionately connects callers in need with personalized referrals for help. For many of the 35,000 people who use 2-1-1, it is a lifeline, sometimes a lifesaver. Powered by Ent Credit Union.                                      

Community Investment Fund- Collaboration for Impact


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This fund invests in the most efficient and effective programs, conducted by the top nonprofits in our city, improving youth success and family stability. Donations from community members fuel this fund, and volunteers drive the decision-making to ensure the donated dollars make the most impact across the region.  

Women United

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Women United members contribute to Pikes Peak United Way at the Leadership Giving level of $1,000 or more annually. They are counted among a group of extraordinary women that come together to celebrate philanthropic leadership and advocate for lasting change in our communities.

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